lisa-225x300Lisa is an experienced physiotherapist of twelve years, using a hands-on approach with specialised skills in manual therapy, soft tissue release and rehabilitation. She treats all musculo skeletal conditions, from sports injuries to more everyday aches and pains. Her focus is always to cater specifically to needs of the individual.



‘Lisa is a brilliant physio who is extremely skilled and very professional. She has successfully resolved my knee and back problems by providing the appropriate treatment and follow up exercises. I would highly recommend her to anyone’ ~ Rachel, office worker 30.



Lisa is at Hands On Mondays & Wednesdays

  • The treatments are wonderful here and sure to help you feel your best but it’s the people that really make it. Always so happy and friendly and go completely out of their way to help … last week I visited and in my new Mumma madness had actually forgotten to book an appointment! Not a problem the lovely lady said and and one of the team, Sara, drove into give me a massage anyhow. Wow!

    The treatments are wonderful
  • Be it shoulders, back or knees I could not recommend Lisa more highly for surf related injury recovery. When I first saw Lisa I had been suffering for at least three winters with chronic shoulder blade muscle spasm which had been making paddling agonising. After one session of dry needling I was pain free, then Lisa helped me alter my paddling technique so not to aggravate the weakness. This has been the key to getting me through bigger winter swells. Without the personal recovery exercises specially aiding stability and strength I would have been unable to surf during the best swells of last year. Rich Surfer

    Back in the Water
  • Years ago, when I was nursing, I learnt the value of physiotherapy following surgery and so as soon as I could, following my hip replacement, I started visiting Lisa. Due to her skill and patience I rapidly regained my muscle strength and have never looked back. Two years later I continue to have regular physio sessions which help to keep me fit and mobile. I am well retired but able to do most of the activities that I have always enjoyed including swimming, cycling and walking. Not only is Lisa an excellent physiotherapist she is great company – it is always a pleasure to visit her. I would recommend her to everyone.

    The Value of Physiotherapy
  • Lisa strikes the right balance between providing hands on treatment and follow-up exercises. She is professional, friendly and cares about you as an individual. It is easy to make appointments with her and she regularly goes out of her way in many different ways to try and help you feel better. She is well qualified and continues to develop herself professionally in order to give her patients the best possible treatment. I will continue to highly recommend her when I speak to people who are seeking physio

    Dan, primary teacher and keen runner 35

    Up & Running